rainbow foyer chromalab

Working on the This Old House Bedford project has been such a blast because we’ve had the opportunity to introduce the team to some of our favorite people. Yesterday Alicia and Tony from ChromaLab came out to Bedford to meet the homeowners and the crew.  Tony and Alicia are a married couple, and they are business partners – how cool!

ChromaLab does the most amazing things.  Not only do they do an unbelievable job spraying furniture, but they also create hand-painted canvas that is hung like wallpaper.  At the This Old House project they are going to help us in all areas.  They are going to spray some plain jane counter stools a hot red, do decorative painting in the Study, and do a custom canvas wall treatment in the Powder Room.

Here’s a sampling of their work, and you can of course see more on their website:

wall pattern chromalab


stenciled canvass chromalab


design closeup chromalab